Living at home during your studies

If you live locally, you may like to consider living at home during your studies and commuting to University. This can be quite an attractive option as it does cut your costs, and it certainly doesn't mean your student experience will be any less enjoyable from that of students living in University accommodation.

At the University of Birmingham, we make sure that as a student living at home you don’t miss out. You’ll have the same access to academic, social and sporting facilities as students living in University accommodation, and we also have a few other initiatives to support you.

Welcome Week

On the Saturday of Arrivals Weekend, there’s a Staying Local space where you can meet other students living at home who’ll give you lots of tips and answer your questions.

Home Students' Officer

The Guild of Students has a Home Students' Officer to represent all our students who live off-campus. He or she can take forward any issues you have as a home or off-campus student to Guild Council and other University committees.

For more help and support, check the Local and commuting student page for more help and support for locally based students, especially the staying local hub and welcome week events timetable.