Our academic portfolio

We have over 350 taught postgraduate programmes and a wealth of research opportunities to choose from. Given the breadth of research supervision available, we have an exceptional ability to take on ambitious research topics, and postgraduates with interdisciplinary research interests are particularly welcome.

Investing in your future

We’re investing in our postgraduate students and offer more than £19.3 million a year for full or partial funding awards to outstanding applicants who wish to undertake postgraduate study at Birmingham. You can find a detailed list of our scholarships and studentships information can be found in the Fees and Finance section of the website.

Our exceptional postgraduate experience

The Birmingham student experience is grounded in a distinctive combination of academic excellence and outstanding opportunities associated with studying in a major European city. Teaching and learning, based on an approach which challenges and stretches our students, is also influenced by our research culture of enquiry and investigation, and locates our students within a wider community of scholars.

We offer our students a rare breadth of disciplines, singly or in combination; opportunities to take part in an enormous range of community, social, cultural and leisure interests; an outstanding campus environment, rich in sporting and cultural facilities; and a university experience in a vibrant, multicultural European city.

The Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) and the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) gives Birmingham postgraduates the opportunity to voice their opinions on their experience at Birmingham. In the most recent PRES survey (2009):

  • 88.2% of research students feel they have had good guidance from their supervisor (above the Russell Group average)
  • 83% say there is a good programme of seminars for research students
  • 70% have had opportunities to teach other students whilst completing their research degree