Barber Institute of Fine Art

Those wishing to perform music at Birmingham can access everything from teaching and practice rooms to studio and rehearsal space, plus access to a wide range of instruments and one of the country’s best music libraries located in our Barber Institute of Fine Arts.

2012 saw Music at Birmingham moving into a new, state-of-the-art home in the Bramall Music Building, at the heart of our Edgbaston campus. The building includes the 450-seat Chancellor’s Court Auditorium, designed by renowned acoustician Nicholas Edwards of Acoustic Dimensions. It is the most flexible and adaptable performance space at any university in the UK. The concert hall and its acoustics can be configured for rehearsals and performances ranging from solo recitals to a full symphony orchestra, 200-strong University Choir, multi-projector video and music-theatre presentations. When not used for music it is a high-profile location for drama and dance performance and for prestigious lectures.

Music facilities currently include:

The instruments we hold include:

  • Concert grand, practice grand and upright pianos 
  • Organs including Snetzler house organ and four-manual Harrison organ 
  • Early keyboard instruments including harpsichords, a spinet, a clavichord and a fortepiano 
  • Orchestral instruments including timpani and percussion 
  • Early instruments including cornetts, sackbuts, baroque violins and cellos, and a baroque oboe