Dementia: Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour

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Dementia: Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviour

This course will help you better understand people with dementia and develop the skills needed to manage their challenging behaviour. 

The symptoms of dementia vary (depending on the cause and the individual), but often include memory loss, mood changes, communication and motivation problems, a reduced ability to plan and problems with controlling their own behaviour. 

Some symptoms, such as restlessness, agitation and communication difficulties, can be challenging for carers, and this can cause high levels of stress and burden. 

In this course, we will use case studies to explore these challenging behaviours and find out how other carers manage them both at home and in a residential care setting. 

How to apply

This free online course is currently running. Join now at the FutureLearn website

Course knowledge requirements 

This course is relevant for carers of people with dementia and healthcare professionals working with people with dementia. 

Course duration 

Three weeks 

Course content 

You will explore how using a person-centred approach can reduce challenging behaviours. We will cover specific interventions that can help you, particularly focusing on de-escalation skills. 

Lead academics 

Dr Alison Coates is a dual-trained adult and mental health nurse and has experience of working in a range of different clinical environments. She is the author of the textbook ‘Nursing Older People’ and currently teaches mental health nursing with a focus on older adults. 

Christopher Wagstaff has experience of working in a variety of different clinical environments over the past 25 years and has taught widely about a number of different mental health issues. 

How to apply 

This free online course is currently running. Join now at the FutureLearn website