Developing Leadership Practice


Wendy Fox-Kirk   

Introduction and Aims

The Developing Leadership Practice Module has been developed as a result of an increasing demand by employers for managers who can differentiate themselves through their leadership practice, technical ability, experience and the ability to manage and lead effectively.  Employers seek candidates at managerial levels who are strong team players, have effective leadership skills and are competent communicators at all levels.

This module has been designed to develop and improve key skills to form part of the Professional Managers toolkit.  The skills developed during this module are transferrable and will be used throughout the whole of the MBA and future leadership roles.

The main aim of this module is to introduce the participants to the notion of leadership practice that focuses on three elements: leading self, leading others and leading change. The module builds on the experience of the students to achieve an enhanced performance during the MBA and beyond.

Each theme is enacted through the opportunity to practice the skills and reflect on learning through the application of a specific project – known as the incubator project. It provides a rich context to apply the learning from the module. The assessment strategy draws on this experience. For example distributed leadership performance examines the skill of students leading within a team.  

Objectives and Learning outcomes

The module will focus on the development of a range of practical skills designed to improve the students' ability to operate in a management role and to be personally productive.

The content covers cross-cultural awareness, personal psychometric testing, team skills, conflict management, communication and presentation skills, advanced public speaking, negotiation skills and facilitation skills.  In addition to intensive experiential workshops, the module will draw on other activities which take place on the MBA and encourage the development of reflective habits to maximise reflection and learning of leadership practice.

By the end of the module participants will improve their ability to lead effectively in a range of contexts and be able to:

  • Critically evaluate their personal leadership practice
  • Understand practices of leading required for effective cross-cultural leader-follower relationships
  • Critically appraise the components of an effective presentation and public speech.
  • Critically evaluate alternative approaches in negotiation.
  • Understand effective ways to facilitate and lead team tasks.


  • Individual reflective essay on leadership practice - 2500 words (40%)
  • Group presentation (20%)
  • Student learning Log (30%)
  • Individual presentation (10%)