Global Marketing Leadership


Mark Palmer

Introduction and Aims

This module builds on your understanding of marketing theory, principles and practice and of the global market leadership challenges facing the marketer operating within and across international environments. During this module you will explore the interface between international marketing and business strategy. This will help you to critically evaluate and gain practical experience of the way in which marketing leadership contributes to the development, renewal and monitoring of international strategy decisions and performance.

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive and up‑to‑date overview of global marketing landscape and the institutions involved. Theory will be emphasized for a normative understanding; practical aspects will show the relation of theory to "real life."

The module will review important theories but will also be strategic issues-based and case-based with a flexible curriculum to respond to, and debate, contemporary global marketing management developments, but within a structured framework. The main emphasis will be on leading within an international marketing environment. International Marketing Issues will consider the views of social movements, government and also small‑ and medium‑sized firms and of multinational corporations. Incorporated will also be the views of consumer and industrial companies as well as service‑related firms.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:-

1. Understand the nature, scope and role of contemporary global marketing issues, developing a working knowledge of the special vocabulary used in global marketing leadership and the policy issues surrounding the area.

2. To gain an appreciation of the changing market environments in which firms are operating and how they are responding in terms of market-driven and market-driving leadership approaches. 

3. Critically evaluate, using a range of theoretical perspectives, current research and theoretical frameworks used in international marketing environments. 

4. Synthesize the analytical with the creative aspects of international marketing to identify, produce and inform arguments, plans and selling issues in the global marketplace.

In relation to skills, on completion of the module you will have developed (or enhanced) your ability to:

  • Analyze complex international marketing issues critically, systematically, and creatively to identify problems, and to create and evaluate a range of alternative approaches (including those derived from marketing concepts and frameworks) to solve marketing problems.
  • Recognize the diversity of the international marketing environment. 
  • Critique international marketing successes and failures.
  • Synthesize information from a wide variety of sources (and different perspectives) to make reasoned judgments global marketing leadership practice.
  • Effectively formulate and deliver an international marketing plan, and to engage in critical dialogue with peers about that plan.
  • Feel confident, competent and inspired to put forward arguments and counterarguments about current international marketing trends.


  • Individual Assignment 3,000 words 100% each