Marketing Concepts and Practice

MBA module

Lecturer: Peter Hyde

Introduction and Aims

Marketing is a central component of any MBA course. Its importance lies in the way that, as a functional and strategic imperative, it connects the firm with the customers’ concept of value. Hence, a focus for a range of business activity is borne.
This course aims to develop a thorough understanding of the enabling and encompassing role played by marketing within organisations.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

  • provide an overview of the state and development of core concepts in marketing
  • focus on the core marketing tasks whilst touching on wider applications in the global economy
  • highlight the areas of marketing where general approaches and techniques exist
  • develop ways of identifying marketing problems and solutions
  • understand the marketing planning process
  • derive a marketing strategy from a range of corporate and market information
  • articulate the integrative nature of the marketing mix components
  • present solutions, in class, to marketing dilemmas
  • work in multi-cultural teams on marketing projects

Method of Assessment

  • Individual assignment 3,000 words (50%)
  • Group presentation/ report 1,000 words (25%)
  • One class test (25%)