Operations Management

MBA module

Introduction and Aims

This module introduces MBA students to the intricacies of managing operations and projects. The module commences with a view of Operations Management in context, differentiating between the areas of strategy, design and projects, operational resources management and quality improvement. The module will therefore cover top level management issues such as developing a focused operations strategy that is congruent with the company’s business and marketing strategies. To this will be added understanding and practice of key operational techniques to enable delivery of the strategy, including a key focus on two main themes: managing processes and managing projects.

The major topics covered are: Operations and Project Management in Context, Designing Processes and Products, Project Definition and Design, Project Organization and Leadership, Project Planning and Resources Management, Project Risk, Controlling Enterprise Resources, Developing Lean Operations, Managing Operations Strategically, Managing Quality and Improvement.

It is expected that students will have made every attempt to complete the prescribed readings before each lecture. Most of the lecture and exercise material will be given to the students before the module begins. Some miscellaneous items will be handed out during the classes.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module all students will be expected to be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of operations processes and the various approaches that may be adopted in their design and analysis
  • Be able to apply fundamental project management principles in the organization, design and delivery of projects.
  • Appreciate techniques and technologies available for the control and resources management of operations and projects.
  • Comprehend conventional quality control and improvement strategies for organizations.

Students should be able to use the frameworks and techniques presented to develop effective strategies, process/product/work designs, enterprise resource management systems and operational improvements.


The course will be assessed by an individual project bases assignment 4,000 words (75%) and one class test (25%).