Contemporary Issues in Global Ethics

Modular value: 20 credits
Duration: Term 2
Teaching: 2 hours per week

Lecturer: Luis Cabrera

The course aims to help students develop an understanding of crucial global ethical issues, in particular global poverty and overseas development aid, global political justice and conceptions of global citizenship, the ethics of immigration, global gender ethics, and humanitarian intervention.

Students also will enhance their abilities to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of competing arguments; and their abilities to construct justifications for their own views and to meet possible objections to them.

We will focus on the application of cosmopolitan and non-cosmopolitan principles in such areas as global distributive justice, trans-state and global democracy and citizenship, climate change and immigration. We also will examine the issue of humanitarian intervention and just war, and the module will close with an investigation of institutional restructuring above the state, up to some form of global government.


  • One essay of 5,000 words

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