Diplomacy and Statecraft

Modular value: 40 credits
Duration: All Year
Teaching: 2 hour Seminar

Lecturer: David Dunn

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of modern diplomacy and statecraft.

It explores the evolution of the European diplomatic system and its extension throughout the world, together with the impact of technology on diplomacy such as the changing role of the resident ambassador, and the growth of summitry.

The instruments of diplomatic craft, both formal {such as international law} and informal {such as negotiating techniques and public diplomacy} are examined, as are some of the phenomenon which diplomats are forced to deal with such as revolutionary diplomacy and cultural distance.

In its examination of statecraft the course looks at the use of coercive diplomacy and economic sanctions together with the role of human rights in foreign policy. 


  • 2 essays, 25% each
  • 3-hour written exam, 50%.
  • Essay length 3000 words approx.

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