Diplomatic History of the Twentieth Century

Modular value: 40 credits
Duration: All Year
Teaching: 2 hours per week. The format will be a combination of lecture / seminar.

Lecturer: Richard Lock-Pullan

The course focuses on the changes in the international system from the unification of Germany to the end of the Cold War and German re-unification.

The first term examines the changes in the European balance of power brought about by German unification, the rise of two extra-European powers, the US and Japan and the breakdown of the old European order as a result of two world wars.

The second terms focuses on the new bipolar world that emerged after 1945. We will look at the origins and development of the Cold War, its impact on the international system and how and why it came to an end.

The course aims to deepen students’ knowledge of 20th Century History, to further enhance their ability to:

  • fashion effective arguments
  • develop their analytical skills


  • 1 x 4000 word essay – 40%
  • 1 x 3 hour written  examination  - 50%
  • Presentation -10% 

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