Global Environmental Governance

Modular value: 20 credits
Teaching: 2 hour weekly seminars
Duration: Autumn term

Lecturer: Dr Eleni Vezirgiannidou

The ability of humans to alter fundamental parts of the ecosystem on which they depend is becoming increasingly acknowledged and calls for mitigating these influences are strengthening. This course examines the variety of environmental problems and their causes to date, with an emphasis on the politics of cooperation/governance in the environmental sphere. It covers the topic broadly to examine the different effects of environmental deterioration on human prosperity, the variety of challenges posed by different environmental problems, as well as the links of environmental issues with other important areas of international politics, such as security, development and trade. There is a strong emphasis on institutions and governance structures, as well as important actors that shape the politics of governance in this important global politics issue.

On successful completion on the module, students will demonstrate an ability to:

  • Explain the different and varied environmental problems and their consequences for human prosperity on a global level.
  • Describe the actors, structures and institutions involved in providing governance in global environmental affairs.
  • Critically assess the level of success in dealing with global environmental problems.
  • Evaluate the contribution of theoretical approaches to the understanding of environmental governance.


  • 1 x 4500 word essay 90%
  • 1 x oral presentation 10%

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