Graduate Polish for Social Scientists (Beginners)

Modular value: 20 credits
Duration: All year
Teaching: Three one-hour classes per week.

Lecturer: Katarzyna Berent-Young (

The course is designed to enable students to read materials in Polish, mainly of a journalistic nature, related to contemporary Polish affairs. Simultaneously, oral skills are practised in order to give experience of the active use of Polish.

At first, students become familiar with the Polish sound system and practise oral skills through speaking activities and listening comprehension exercises.

Essential grammatical structures and basic social science vocabulary are gradually introduced in order to develop reading and translation skills: authentic journalistic texts are selected for translation dealing with contemporary political, economic and social affairs relevant to Poland and Eastern Europe, with particular emphasis on vocabulary related to students’ own research interests. Teaching is based on a mix of classroom and home exercises.


  • One three-hour written exam consisting of a passage for translation from Polish into English, and a summary in English of another Polish text.