CREES Masters degree modules outlines

CREES offers a wide range of modules. You may also select modules from other departments when this makes sense within your degree programme of study. You are advised to discuss module choices with your programme director at the beginning of the academic year. Modules are taught in small seminar groups allowing close interactions of students and members of staff.

Modules in social science and history

Russian, East European and other language modules

History research training modules

  • Historical Methods
  • Research Methods in History

Social Science research modules

Students taking the MA who do not have an advanced knowledge, equivalent to an honours degree in the subject, in Russian or another East European language are required to take an appropriate language course as one of their two optional courses. 

Other modules throughout the School of Government and Society include:

CREES students can consider other modules outside the main discipline throughout the University in consultation with their programme director.

See the individual Masters degrees pages for a detailed list of modules taken with the degree.