Polish for Social Scientists (Intermediate)

Modular value: 20 credits
Duration: All year
Teaching: Three one-hour classes per week.

Lecturer: Katarzyna Berent-Young (k.berent-young@bham.ac.uk)

This module is designed for postgraduate students who wish to further develop their reading knowledge of Polish for research purposes. They continue to acquire more advanced grammatical structures and vocabulary through a mix of classroom and homework exercises; they apply them by reading authentic journalistic texts on political, social and economic issues. Simultaneously, oral and writing skills are practised through activities aimed at developing students’ confidence in using the language in both every day situations, as well as in more formal work-related contexts.

The module aims to continue developing students’ reading skills; to acquire more complex grammatical structures and advanced vocabulary in the areas relevant to their research, as well as to practise oral skills.


  • One three-hour written exam consisting of a passage for translation from Polish into English, and a summary in English of another Polish text.

To be eligible for this module you will need: Graduate Polish for Social Scientists (Beginners) or equivalent level of skill in Polish to be assessed by the Polish Language Tutor.