Security Studies

Modular Value: 40 credits
Duration: Full year
Teaching: 2 hours per week, by lecture and seminar.

The course provides an advanced understanding of international security as a subfield of International Relations. The course will engage with the history of the discipline, its theories and methodologies, and the issues that are studied empirically, the latter with a particular focus on the period since the end of the Cold War.

he course focuses on security in relation to issues of force and power in international relations, and enables students to acquire wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of core issues of security studies as traditionally conceived, while also examining newer conceptions of security, such as human security.

On completion of the course the student will have developed advanced research and analytical skills, an understanding of the wide-ranging nature of security studies, an appreciation of the historical importance of security issues, and an insight into future problems and debates that will effect the stability of the 21st century world order.


  • Term one 1 x 2500 word essay 25%
  • Term two 1 x 2500 word essay 25%
  • Term three 3 hour examination 50%

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