The State in an Era Of Globalisation

Modular value: 20 credits
Duration: Term 2
Teaching: Two hour meeting every week (20 sessions approx)

Lecturer: Professor Ronen Palan

The module explores the changing nature of the state in the era of globalization. The module covers themes such as the future of the welfare and social democratic state; the rise of authoritarian capitalism; models of liberal states and other diverse forms of states that are evolving, including the very small states such as tax havens, and those states that appear to be excluded from globalization altogether, otherwise known as 'failed states'.

This module incorporates a mix of lectures and seminars with student presentations.

By the end of this course, students should be able

  • To understand and summarize the role of the state in an era of globalization
  • To identify and explain how the role of the state has changed in the contemporary era
  • To understand, summarise, and discuss the changing role of the state in specific issue areas
  • To evaluate critically the future role of the state in an era of globalization


  • Term two: 1 x 4500 word essay (90%)
  • Term two: Oral presentation (10%)

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