US Foreign and Defence Policy

Modular value: 40 credits
Duration: All Year
Teaching: By 2 hour weekly seminar

Lecturers: David Dunn and Adam Quinn

This course is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the factors, influences and actors which have shaped and are shaping American defence and foreign policy in the postwar period.  Students will also gain an understanding of the main issues in US foreign and defence policy. No previous experience of American politics is required for this course; the initial lectures and readings will provide some understanding of the processes of foreign and defence policy formulation.

  • Term 1: Outline of history of US foreign policy; actors and institutions; discussion of driving forces behind policy.
  • Term 2: contemporary issues in US foreign and security policy, focused mainly on the Bush and Obama administrations.


  • 1 x 1000-word research proposal (10%)
  • 1 x 4000-word essay, based on proposal (40%)
  • 1 x 3-hr unseen exam paper (50%)

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