Aesthetic Dentistry

Module Overview

Principles of dental aesthetics (hard tissue and soft tissue); and smile design; Aesthetic dental treatments (with special reference to porcelain laminate veneers; dentine-bonded crowns and composite restorations in posterior teeth; Bonding ceramic to tooth substance; Laboratory demonstrations of porcelain build-ups and veneer construction; The relation of ethics and aesthetic dentistry.


10 credits

Module Attendance Required

Wednesday afternoons x 8

Module Dates

Jan - Feb Year 3


  • Produce patient information leaflets on porcelain veneers and posterior composites.
  • Submit before and after pictures of 3 patients who have had an improvement to the appearance of their teeth.
  • Essay on aesthetic related topic.

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

Professor T Burke; Dr N Wilson; Professor R Ibbetson

Stand Alone Course

This module can also be taken as a stand alone course if required. To apply, please contact Professor FJT Burke,, 0121 237 2768 or Lynda Malthouse,, 0121 237 2768.

Applicants need to apply via the paper application:

Postgraduate Application Form

Postgraduate Application Notes

Postgraduate Reference Request Form

Fee if taken as a stand alone course

For information on fees please contact the Programme Administrator.