Research Methodology

This module develops the key skills needed to plan, execute and report research. After reviewing approaches to researching the literature and discussing the nature of current dental research, the key elements of a research protocol are introduced, covering issues as the nature and role of a hypothesis, experimental design, importance of clear deliverables and the use of project planning charts. In this context the planning of laboratory based research projects and clinical trials is treated separately and the consequences of poor experimental design discussed. In the case of clinical trials the significance of trial numbers and questionnaire design are covered. Statistical approaches for the analysis of experimental data are introduced, with emphasis on identifying the levels of significance of differences in data. This material is then used as a basis for introducing the critical elements of reporting the results of results. The structure and role of journal papers and research theses are discussed and student’s skills in producing and delivering research focused presentations developed.


10 credits

Module Attendance Required

Wednesday afternoons x 8

Module Dates

Jan-Feb Year 1


Presentation of a research project.

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

  • Professor T Burke
  • Dr W Palin
  • Professor D White
  • Dr S Haque

Stand Alone Course

This module can be taken as a stand alone course if required. To apply, please contact Professor FJT Burke,, 0121 237 2768 Lynda Malthouse,, 0121 237 2768.

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