Transplant, autoimmunity and tumour immunology

Transplant, autoimmunity and tumour immunology (20 credits)

The module will build on and apply the knowledge of molecular mechanisms in immune cell differentiation and function, gained in the previous module, to autoimmune disease, transplant and cancer immunobiology. Using a combination of lectures and small group teaching the module will aim to educate on aspects of immunity that are unique to certain diseases but will ultimately provide a framework to understand the similarities between diseases with a view to the development of novel therapeutics.

Module attendance required: Three weeks of lectures and small group tutorials.

Module dates: TBC


  • Examination (60%):
    1 written essay and 4 short answers (2h exam).
  • Coursework (40%):
    2000 word research proposal and oral presentation of proposal (30%+10%). The report will focus on i) What is the clinical need for the therapy? ii) What is the role of the therapeutic target in a specified disease? iii) What is the envisaged impact of manipulating the therapeutic target?

Academics involved in the delivery of this module:

Dr Nick Jones (Institute for Biomedical Research) and Dr Graham Taylor (Institute of Cancer Sciences) and a number of other researchers from across the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, including Dr Francesca Barone, Dr John Curnow, Dr Dagmar Scheel-Toellner, Dr Andrew Hislop and Dr Steve Lee.