Narrative Research

MA Social Research module 

Module Description

Narrative data collection and analysis is a technique usually associated with qualitative research and very strongly associated with the interpretivist paradigm. There is something quite unusual and significant about this type of data collection; something that makes it different from most of the other methods. This is because the form of data collected in narrative research is not the sort of data with which researchers are most familiar. Instead of collecting ‘facts’, what researchers are actually collecting is the way in which the participant(s) have organised the information into a story. It is, therefore, the story (and the process of organisation) that is our data.

Learning Outcomes

This module will provide students with the knowledge needed to identify situations in which narrative research may be appropriate and the skills to conduct narrative research. Teaching will be focussed on two areas; the design and use of narrative data collection techniques and processes for narrative data analysis.

Course Assessment

A 3,000 word research strategy for collecting and analysing narrative data using appropriate examples. Your strategy should include: theoretical perspective; data collection methods; data analysis strategy.