Continuing Professional Development and Mentored Practice

Module Overview

Through a Continuing Professional Development framework, this module facilitates the synthesis of the theoretical and practical aspects of a student's development through a period of mentorship within the work based/practice environment and documented with a professional portfolio. Students will have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings to enable development of existing knowledge and skills and advancement of practice. The Practice Mentor will enable a student's development through a partnership of teaching; researching; managing; observing and discussing with innovative practice being encouraged within the framework of safe, legal, and ethical practice as made explicit in any applicable published standards (e.g. professional registration body, specialist competencies etc).

The student will undertake pre-mentorship preparation through attendance at a half-day study day, and on-line preparatory study. Students will undertake a minimum of 100 hours of experience in a work based/practice environment. Learning needs may necessitate a range of environments as part of the mentored experience to ensure that all outcomes are achieved e.g. working with different teams, age ranges, gaining experience of musculoskeletal imaging, etc. The selection of the work-based environment is negotiated by the student, dependent upon their individual learning needs and their programme of registration and any specialist requirements. A variety of patterns of delivery of the 100 hours experience are possible, encompassing part time and full time modes as well as a variety of models of experience.

In the event of a student negotiating a further period of specialist mentorship beyond the required 100 hours (owing to individual development needs and/or a failed viva) a further fee will be payable to the University to cover mentorship fees.


Half day (3 hours) study day at the commencement of the module. 10 hours allocated to online delivery of theoretical components to inform development of learning contract. A minimum of 100 hours of negotiated specialist mentorship within a work based practice setting. The nature of the mentorship will be specific to the student's individual programme.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Identify personal and professional development needs and formalise these through a learning contract 
  • Integrate theory, practice and research in the work-based context, demonstrating appropriate application of theory in novel contexts and theorising from practical experience
  • Justify decisions regarding practice at an advanced level through reference to and critical evaluation of published evidence as well as personal experience
  • Demonstrate advanced practice through documentary evidence of development during the mentored practice
  • Demonstrate advancement of practice within a relevant professional, legal, and ethical framework


20 credits

Module Attendance Required

3 hours study day

Module Dates 

Module launch: 29 September 2016
Workshop: 17 November 2016


Formative assessment by the Practice Mentor of a student's progress during the mentored practice at a time negotiated by the student. Feedback to the student will include analysis and comments from the Programme Leader. Summative viva assessment by the Programme Leader or equivalent tutor of the period of placement through the use of the learning contract, professional portfolio and the student's negotiated needs and achievements 100%. The process of assessment will include a report from the Practice Mentor.

Academics involved in the delivery of this module

Marianne Hensman

Dr François-Xavier Li

Dr Alison Rushton

Stand Alone Course

This module is not available as a stand alone module.