Building effective and inclusive institutions

In line with the UN Global Goals, our research aims to build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels, with transparent and representative institutions globally.

In order to reduce the gulf of poverty and inequality, developing an understanding of the institutions that embed and promote human rights, good governance and social justice is crucial, as is identifying the ways in which these positive values and infrastructure can be strengthened.

From education to medical provision, our research enables us to disseminate good research practice across networks, training and developing leaders and developing infrastructure that sustainably increases capacity and productivity at a local level.

We also consider the theory and practical implication of developing effective and inclusive institutions globally, addressing the implications of the 'internationalisation' of local institutions and policy processes to create a locally responsive politics, capable of maintaining sovereignty, fostering meaningful local participation to underpin peace and prosperity.

We aim to develop and empower research leaders within these countries, in order to strengthen national institutions and build capacity at all levels.

Projects available under this theme

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Development and validation of a toolkit to set up sustainable surgical research hubs in low and middle income countries

Jolly and Parry 

Surgery can be a high risk event for people in low and middle income countries, with higher rates of post-operative infections and higher mortality rates than in high income settings. The University of Birmingham has built a Global Surgery network with the aim of improving care and outcomes and to undertake trials in LMICs.  This will be done through training of research leaders and teams within the LMICs. This PhD aims to facilitate the setting up of surgical hubs by developing a toolkit that will collate best practice for opening and sustain the surgical hubs in LMICs.

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