Tuition fees for postgraduates

Postgraduate study is a significant financial commitment and we want you to be completely aware of the associated costs before becoming a student at Birmingham. Information on tuition fees and other related costs will help you plan your finances from day one.

Tuition fee amounts

The annual tuition fee is set for a 12-month session, which usually runs from October to the end of September the following year. The University tuition fee covers the cost of your tuition, examination and graduation, and includes membership of the Guild of Students. 

Individual programmes may charge a different fee from that quoted. Where this is the case it is made clear in the individual course listings within course finder. You should always check the fee for your course.

Home and EU tuition fees for 2015-16

The standard annual tuition fees for home and EU students for the year 2015-16:

Full-time programmes

Home/EU tuition fees Home/EU tuition fees  
Programme type Fee for 2015-16
Postgraduate Masters (Taught) programmes (180 credits)   £6,210
Postgraduate Diploma (Taught) programmes (120 credits, except PGDip Education)   £4,140
Postgraduate Certificate (Taught) programmes (60 credits)   £2,070
Research programmes (including Masters by research)   £4,090 (subject to Research Council confirmation)

Part-time programmes

Most part-time programmes run for two years and their fees are one half of the standard full-time programme fees. A small number of part-time programmes run for three years and in these cases the annual fees are one third of the total full-time cost - i.e. £2,070 per year for taught Masters programmes.

Overseas tuition fees for 2015-16

The standard annual tuition fees for overseas students for the year 2015-16:

Full time programmes

 Fee band Postgraduate research
fee (per year)
Postgraduate taught
fee (per year)
Band A (Clinical) £31,000  n/a
Band B (Laboratory) £17,365  £17,960
Band C (Intermediate) £14,550  £16,070
Band D (Classroom) £13,195  £14,140

For a full breakdown of fee bands please visit our International Student Finance web pages.

Part-time programmes

UK student visa regulations mean that students classed as overseas for fees purposes may normally only register on a full-time basis.

When a programme begins and/or ends mid-session, fees are normally charged on a pro rata basis according to the number of months studied within a session. For example, if you are on a 15-month programme beginning in October 2015 you pay the annual tuition fee in the 2015–16 session, and a further three-twelfths of the tuition fee for 2016–17 from October to December.

Paying your fees

When you accept the offer of a place, you are also accepting responsibility for the payment of your tuition fees, even if you are sponsored or in receipt of an award and the sponsor fails to pay. It is therefore very important that you have sufficient funds available to you. Unfortunately, if you fail to pay the fees, you will not be permitted to continue your studies.

We have several tuition fee payment options to suit your needs.