Joe Brierley

Joe Brierley

Birmingham Law School
Doctoral researcher

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Title of thesis: Organ donation from children: An ethical and legal exploration

Supervisors: Dr Sheelagh McGuinness and Dr Angus Dawson


  • MBChB
  • MA


  • Children’s ICU consultant. Trained Leeds, London, Australia. MA ethics.
  • Co-chair Great Ormond St Hospital CEC,
  • Chair LREC and RCPCH ethics and law advisory committee.
  • Lead on end of life care and ethics for the ICUs at GOSH
  • 4 children, never sleep

Doctoral research

PhD title Organ donation from children: An ethical and legal exploration
Course Law PhD / PhD by Distance Learning / MPhil / MJur


The development of medical therapies and technologies means that children who would once have died when they suffer organ system failure now often survive. However, a proportion do not return to normal health, but have persisting chronic organ dysfunction. Other children remain in severe organ failure, but the technologies maintaining them have developed to a state where children with irreversible vital organ failure can be kept alive. Both groups can benefit from organ transplantation - which can, therefore, be described as either life-saving or life-transforming.

Paradoxically, improvements in medical care detailed above - in combination with measures such as seatbelts and motor-vehicle speed restrictions– has lead to a decrease in deaths from severe traumatic brain injury - the commonest situation in which child-size organs are procured for transplantation.

UK organ donation initiatives have ignored children to date (OK so generic improvements might help somewhat) Donation rates remain low – many ICUs do not facilitate child-donation, parents often refuse and in small infants UK guidelines uniquely prevent donation unlike elsewhere.

This dissertation aims to explore ethical and legal issues in child organ donation and to develop a set of practical recommendations, akin to the Organ Donor Task Force.

Other activities

  • President-elect European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal intensive Care Medicine,
  • Grant GOSHCC £100,000 – ethical exploration of long-term ICU patients
  • Expert witness in non-accidental head/other injury cases
  • Clinical Lead Organ Donation GOSH
  • Organ Donation Lead RCPCH/PICS
  • Member UK Donation Ethics Committee
  • Member Nuffield council bioethics working group on research and children


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