Senior Lecturer in Neurology


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School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Dr Pall is a clinical neurologist with an interest in teaching and research. His principal areas of clinical interest are movement disorders and motor neurone disease. The movement disorder patients that he looks after include those with Parkinson’s disease and dystonia.


  • FRCP (1994)
  • MRCP (1982) Royal College of Physicians
  • Specialist Registration with GMC 2512013 (European Specialist Medical Qualifications Order)
  • MD (1989)
  • MBChB (1979)     University of Bristol


Dr Pall completed his postgraduate training in Southampton, Birmingham, London (Queen Square) and Cambridge. His early research included studies of oxidant metabolism in Parkinson disease. He is co-director of the Birmingham Motor Neurone Disease Care and Research Centre and provides clinical care (including Palliative care) for this group of patients. He is a member of the UK MND DNA Bank consortium which conducts research through this sample collection. He is also the neurology representative on the RESULT collaboration (to study the natural history of rare neurologic disorders).

He has recently started a metabolomics project jointly with colleagues in Biosciences, looking for mechanisms of damage in Dyt 1 Dystonia. He also runs Parkinson’s disease (PD) clinics and is studying the effects of deep brain stimulation in PD.


  • MB ChB course – 2nd, 3rd and 5 th years
  • BDS – Lectures in 1st year

Postgraduate supervision

No current supervised graduate students


Clinical research interests in Parkinson disease and other movement disorders and in motor neurone disease. Natural history and management of symptoms including palliative care.

Laboratory research interests in metabolism in neurodegenerative disorders. Developing interest in using metabolomic techniques to study neurochemistry.

Other activities

  • Personal mentor to undergraduate students.
  • Honorary consultant neurologist at UHB FT (Queen Elizabeth) running PD, Movement Disorder and ALS clinics.
  • Co-Director of the Birmingham MND Care and Research Centre.
  • Member of the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Medical Law


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