Published research in Health Law

Professor Marie Fox


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  • (forthcoming with M. Thomson) ‘Realising Social Justice in Public Health Law’ (2013) 21 Medical Law Review (c. 11,000 words)

Dr Rosie Harding

  • ‘Legal Constructions of Dementia: Discourses of autonomy at the margins of capacity’ (2012) Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law 34(4): 425-442.
  • (with Peel)“He was like a zombie”: Off-label Prescription of Antipsychotic Drugs in Dementia” (2012)  Medical Law Review doi:10.1093/medlaw/fws029.

Professor Jean V. McHale


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  • Forthcoming (2013) “Compulsion, surveillance, testing and treatment: a truly"criminal"matter? IN  A. Viens, J.Coggon and A. Kessel  Criminal Law, Philosophy and Public Health Practice" CUP.


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  • “Organ Transplantation: Criminal Law and the Health Tourist: a case for extra-territorial jurisdiction?” (2013) 22 Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 64-76



  • Forthcoming (2013) ”Faith, Belief, Fundamental Rights and Delivering Health Care in a Modern NHS : an Unrealistic Aspiration”, Health Care Analysis
  • Forthcoming (2013) "Reforming the Regulation of Health Research in England and Wales: New Challenges: New Pitfalls" Journal of Medical Law and Ethics
  • Forthcoming (2014) Routledge Handbook on  Complementary and Alternative Medicine Perspectives from Social Sciences and Law( with Nicola Gale)

Dr Sheelagh McGuinness

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Commentaries; review articles; book reviews; non-peer reviewed & shorter papers

Chapters in edited volumes

  • ‘The Construction of the Embryo and Implications for Law’ in Muireann Quigley, Sarah Chan, and John Harris (Eds.) Stem Cells: New frontiers in science and ethics (World Scientific Publishing, Forthcoming)
  • An Ethical Framework for Emotion-Related Computing’ in Petta, Paolo; Pelachaud, Catherine; Cowie, Roddy (Eds.) Emotion Oriented Systems: The Humaine Handbook (Springer, 2011)
  • Phil Dyer and Sheelagh McGuinness, ‘The Organ Allocation Algorithm’ in Farrell, A.M., Price, D., and Quigley, M. (Eds.) Organ Shortage: Ethics Law and Pragmatism. (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Dr Claire McIvor

Chapters in books:

  • 'The doubles the risk test for causation and other related judicial myths about epidemiology', in E Chamberlain, J Neyers and S Pital (eds) Tort Law: Challenging Orthodoxy (Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2013).
  • 'The use of epidemiological evidence in UK tort law' in S Loue (ed) Forensic Epidemiology in the Global Context (Springer, forthcoming 2013).
  • 'Bursting the Autonomy Bubble: A Defence of the Court of Appeal Decision in R (On the application of Oliver Leslie Burke) v GMC', in R Deazley and S Smith (eds) The Legal, Medical and Cultural Regulation of the Body: Transformation and Transgression  (Ashgate, 2009).

Articles in peer-reviewed journals:

  • 'Debunking some judicial myths about epidemiology and its relevance to UK tort law' (forthcoming in the Medical Law Review). 
  • 'The Impact of the Jackson Reforms on Access to Justice in Personal Injury Litigation' (2011) 30 Civil Justice Quarterly 411-428
  • ‘Liability for psychiatric harm’ (2007) 23 Professional Negligence  249-256
  • ‘The negligence liability of child welfare professionals and policy-based immunities: A critique of recent English developments’ (2006) 14 Torts Law Journal 205-218
  • ‘The positive medical duty to provide life-prolonging treatment’ (2006) 22 Professional Negligence 59-64

Dr Leon McRae

  • Forthcoming “Rehabilitating Anti–Social Personalities: Treatment through Self–Governance Strategies.” (2013) Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology(c. 10,000 words)
  • Forthcoming “Admitting offenders with anti-social personality disorder to a medium secure unit: A qualitative examination of multidisciplinary team decision-making.” (2013) Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (c. 7,500 words)

Dr Stephen W. Smith


Chapters in Books

  • Stephen W. Smith, Dignity as a socially constructed value in The Criminal Law and Bioethical Conflict: Walking the Tightrope (Amel Alghrani, Suzanne Ost and Rebecca Bennett, eds.) (Cambridge University Press) (forthcoming).
  • The Value of Life: George Bailey and the life not worthy of being lived in Orientations on the Right to Life: Law, Politics and Ethics (John Yorke ed.) (2009) (Ashgate Publishing).
  • Precautionary Reasoning in Determining Moral Worthin Law and Bioethics, Current Legal Issues, Volume 11 (Michael Freeman ed.) (2008) (Oxford University Press).
  • Dignity: The Difference between Abortion and Neonaticide for the Severely Disabled, in The Criminal Justice System and Health Care (Charles Erin & Suzanne Ost eds.) (2007) (Oxford University Press).

Peer-reviewed Articles

  • H. Draper, J. Ives, H. Pall, S. Smith, S. Damery, and S. Wilson, Reporting end-of-life practice: can we trust doctors to be honest?, 23 Palliative Medicine 673 (2009).
  • Empirical research in the debate on physician-assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia, 2 Clinical Ethics 129 (2007).
  • Some Realism about End of Life: the Current Prohibition and the Euthanasia Underground 33 The American Journal of Law and Medicine 55 (2007).
  • Fallacies of the Logical Slippery Slope in the Debate on Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia, 13 Medical Law Review 224 (2005).
  • Evidence for the Practical Slippery Slope in the Debate on Physician Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia, 13 Medical Law Review 17 (2005).
  • The Killing of Severely Disabled Newborns: the Spectre Behind the Legalisation of Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia? 24 Medicine and Law 791 (2005).

Other articles

  • Assisted Suicide and the Law: what Every Nurse Should Know, 19 British Journal of Nursing 858 (2010).
  • New Guidelines on Assisted Suicide: Will Nurses be Prosecuted?, 18 British Journal of Nursing 1396 (2009).