The 2012 US Presidential Election: Who is going to win and why. What will it mean for the next 4 Years?

Arts and Law
Wednesday 17th October 2012 (15:00-16:00)
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Who is going to win and why? What will it mean for the next four years?

17 October 2012. An American and Canadian Studies seminar at the University of Birmingham with contributions from Dr Steve Hewitt, Professor Scott Lucas, Dr Adam Quinn and Jonna Nyman. 

00.01 - Introductions from Dr Steve Hewitt
01.26 - Professor Scott Lucas
09.00 - Dr Adam Quinn
23.21 - Jonna Nyman
29.01 - What do you think Romney’s background will mean to the Republican vote?
33.30 - Is race an issue?
38.08 - What impact would a Romney victory have on social policy?
46.20 - What are the chances of a strong Independent candidate in 4 years time?
50.08 - Why would you think foreign policy could lose the election for Romney?
52.41 - How much will the presidential result affect the Congressional elections?
56.57 - Have the Democrats done enough to motivate their voter base?