Staff in American and Canadian Studies


Dr John FaggJohn Fagg

Lecturer in American literature
Head of American and Canadian Studies Centre

American literature and visual art in the decades around 1900 and explores the ways in which cultural forms adapted to the new circumstances of American modernity.


Dr Michele Aaron

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

Film studies, American film, queer cinema, spectatorship, ethnicity and identity, sexuality and representation, representations of death.

Dr Nathan Cardon

Dr Nathan Cardon

Lecturer in United States History

19th and early 20th century United States history,  race and empire in foreign and domestic space

Dr Rona Cran

Dr Rona Cran

Lecturer in Twentieth-Century American Literature

Research and supervision areas:

  • Twentieth-Century American Literature
  • Twentieth-Century American Art
  • Transatlantic Studies
  • U.S. Cultural Studies
  • Material Culture
  • Visual Culture

Dr Danielle Fuller

Dr Danielle Fuller

Reader in Canadian Studies and Cultures of Reading

Research and supervision areas

  • Reading and reception studies;
  • contemporary print culture;
  • contemporary North American literature;
  • Canadian Studies;
  • Canadian cultural studies.

Dr Steve Hewitt

Dr Steve Hewitt

Senior Lecturer in American and Canadian Studies

Canadian history and politics, Canada-US relations, policing and intelligence services, anti-Americanism, counterterrorism.

Professor Scott Lucas

Professor of American Studies

US foreign policy, US intelligence services, 20th century US diplomatic history, propaganda, history and the media, Anglo-American and US-European relations.

Dr Sara K Wood

Lecturer in American Literature and Culture

Research and supervision areas

  • African American Studies;
  • African American visual culture;
  • Post 1945 American art;
  • Post 1945 American Literature;
  • Contemporary Literature.

Honorary staff

Dr S R Ameli Hon Research Fellow

Prof M Heale Hon Senior Research Fellow

Prof W G Kennedy Hon Senior Research Fellow

Dr A E Lang Hon Research Fellow

Prof John Lucas  Honorary Professor

Dr S Marandi  Hon Research Fellow

Prof M Tobin  Honorary Lecturer