Undergraduate study in American and Canadian Studies 

American and Canadian Studies is one of the most respected centres of its kind in the world, consistently rated highly in the UK teaching and research rankings.

Our multidisciplinary approach, along with the possibility of living and studying or working in the US or Canada on some of our programmes, is highly appealing to potential employers.

Our Single Honours and Joint Honours American and Canadian Studies four-year programmes allow you to study at a North American university for one year, while some students on our Single Honours four-year programme can secure an internship to gain work experience in North America. Our programmes are flexibly designed to allow you to specialise increasingly as you progress year on year, and feature a final-year dissertation allowing you to carry out in-depth, individually supervised topics of your choice.

We are part of the School of English, Drama and American & Canadian Studies, where you will find a wide range of dynamic courses, exciting opportunities, first-class facilities and a commitment to excellence in teaching. The School offers an intellectually challenging and stimulating environment for your undergraduate studies, ensuring that you are a fully supported and active learner.

Our American and Canadian Studies undergraduate degree courses

American and Canadian Studies and English BA

If you have a passion for exploring literature, culture, history and society, our American and Canadian Studies and English BA is the perfect degree programme for you. In your multidisciplinary study of North America you will explore the [more...]

American and Canadian Studies BA

This multidisciplinary degree explores the dynamic characteristics of North America and Canada. From analysing American film to studying the workings of Washington, from studying book illustrations to reading modern American [more...]

American and Canadian Studies with year abroad BA

This multidisciplinary degree explores the dynamic characteristics of North America and Canada. From analysing American film to studying the workings of Washington, from studying book illustrations to reading modern American fiction, from [more...]

Film Studies MRes

Giving you a critical and evaluative understanding of film within an interdisciplinary context, this programme encourages you to understand the role of film and cinema within a range of socio-cultural arenas. Forging the links between film theory [more...]

Film Studies PhD/MA by Research (On-Campus or by Distance Learning)

The Department of Film and Creative Writing offers promising candidates the opportunity to carry out research in one of the most dynamic institutions in Britain. We give all possible support to our researchers, developing the resources [more...]

American and Canadian Studies Audio-Visual PhD

This particular programme gives you the opportunity to film and edit an hour-long documentary on your research, accompanied by a 30,000 word written defence.

Film and Television: Research and Production MA

Film and Television: Research and Production is a uniquely constructed taught MA that places employability at the heart of the programme.

Utilising a combination of theoretical approaches, critical engagement, creative [more...]

American and Canadian Studies and History BA

A Joint Honours degree programme involves the study of two subjects to Honours degree level. If you study a subject in a Joint Honours programme, you work at exactly the same level and to the same academic standard as students taking that [more...]

Undergraduate open day talks

Dr John Fagg delivers an undergraduate open day talk on American and Canadian Studies.

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