CWAS Society

CWAS Society (CWASSOC) is intended primarily to organise recreational and cultural activities among African Studies students.

This is the place for students and other members of Birmingham to come together in a relaxed atmosphere to celebrate West African Culture.

Photo of CWAS Society members at an evening dinner in an Ethiopian restaurant.
Our society is based for students at the University of Birmingham however; we encourage everybody who is interested to contact us and to join our events.
  • For information on CWAS Society activities please see News and events

Aims of the CWAS Society

  • Create a relaxed and supportive atmosphere for students and non students to celebrate and appreciate West African culture.
  • To promote awareness of different means and events for students to engage with cultural and educational activities concerning African Studies in and outside of the university.
  • To endorse a variety of activities that are stimulating, fun and educational to reach all our members wants and needs.

CWAS Society logo (orange sun with black tree in front of it and an elephant).Committee

Presidents David Roberts (2nd Year ) and Laura Emilia Escudero (3rd Year)
Treasurer Emily Bray Brook ( 2nd Year)
Secretary Sebastian Kotur (2nd Year)