Cancer Survivorship

Group Lead: Mike Hawkins

Active areas of research in progress in relation to cancer include the following:

• Screening and early diagnosis:

- Cancer Screening and Early Diagnosis Group
- Cancer Early Diagnosis Group
- Tom Marshall

• Adverse health and social outcomes after cancer treatment:

- Centre for Childhood Cancer Survivor Studies
- Mike Hawkins

• Large scale cohort studies of environmental and genetic factors in the aetiology of cancer:

- KK Cheng

• Occupational factors in the aetiology of cancer:

- Tom Sorahan

Research group members

Melanie Calvert
Sue Clifford
Sarah Damery
George Dowswell
Heather Draper
Sarah Flanagan
Clare Frobisher
Adrian Gheorge
Sheila Greenfield
Richard Haslop
Willie Hamilton
Janet Jones
Julie Kelly
Dion Morton
Laura Parker
Gill Plumridge
Val Redman
Sabi Redwood
Raoul Reulen
Angela Ryan
Helen Stokes-Lampard
David Winter