Autism research

Infant and Child Lab activitiesOur Autism Research Programme is located on the campus of the University of Birmingham in Edgbaston, and largely operates out of the Infant and Child Laboratory in the School of Psychology.

Under the direction of Dr. Joe McCleery, this research programme focuses on the experimental analysis of brain and behavioural development in individuals with autism. Although we study autism throughout childhood and adolescence, we have a particular focus on social emotional, social communicative, and language development in young children with autism. We also test infant and toddler siblings of children with autism, as well as studying behavioural treatment methods and their effect on brain development. Find out more about participation in our studies.

Our main focus is to further our understanding of the brain mechanisms that differ in individuals with autism, with the aim of contributing to the development of better and more effective supports for this population. 

Community involvement

Dr. McCleery and his laboratory are involved in a number of initiatives that affect the local, national, and international autism communities. For example, Dr. McCleery serves on a committee headed up by the University of Birmingham School of Education that is focused on developing and implementing strategies for providing diagnostic services and supports to increase quality of life for adults who are, or who may be, on the autism spectrum in the West Midlands region. He and his students are also conducting research on the development and application of a comprehensive neuropsychological screening tool for children with autism, with input and advice from educational psychologists in United Kingdom. Dr. McCleery also has a history of providing educational consultations for children with autism and their families, as well as for schools that education children with autism.