About us 

B-Film: The Birmingham Centre for Film Studies is an interdisciplinary, international and fully integrated research centre at the University of Birmingham. It is wholly inclusive of all scholars working on or around the subject of film.

The Centre is steered by a multi-disciplinary and inter-departmental management group and it benefits from an international advisory body that incorporates academics, filmmakers, industry professionals and local and national advisors. B-Film is defined by its research expertise, externally-funded research projects and contributions to film culture on an academic, public, local and global scale.

 B-Film is based on collaboration between colleagues and researchers, major research projects, an engagement with the international postgraduate community, and impact at national and international levels. These aims converge in a central aspiration to emphasise the defined, coherent and diverse intellectual identity of film studies at the University of Birmingham, capitalising upon the strength and excellence of current and future staff’s wide-ranging and high-profile research activities.

B-Film is defined by the University of Birmingham’s strong reputation for combining tradition and innovation in research. Among other Russell Group members Birmingham is unique for its emphasis upon engagement with cultural industries alongside participation in more traditional critical, theoretical and historical debates. Derived from its commitment to combining theory and practice in teaching, Birmingham has strong national and international film industry partners and a network of institutional collaborators that reaches from Cuba to Italy, from France to Australia, from Spain to North America and beyond. B-Film is committed to placing Birmingham film research activity within the context of European, North American and World territories through interdepartmental and inter-institutional strategic collaborations that enhance the University’s global reputation.

cannesIn addition to extending the University of Birmingham’s commitment to the employability agenda, B-Film supports grant applications that embed individual and group projects in this dynamic, international research context. B-Film provides a solid basis for building networks and groupings that enable researchers to collaborate with regional and national higher education institutions, local and national organisations and policy-makers, as well as academic, cultural, popular and industrial partners worldwide. B-Film is ideally placed to respond to the changing funding strategies of various research bodies and several major research projects and externally-funded projects are currently thriving at Birmingham.

B-Film’s intellectual identity is founded upon the international, transnational and intra-national research focus of its members. The mission of the research centre is to drive all areas of film-related research, to maximise impact, to enhance public engagement, to boost regional, national and international collaborations and to participate fully and decisively in the rapidly evolving field of film studies.