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Translation as invention: Martin Crimp's re-enactment of translation in his writing for theatre

Translation as invention: Martin Crimp's re-enactment of translation in his writing for theatre

Dr Geraldine Brodie (University College London) delivers this BCT research seminar.
Getting into interpreting

Getting into interpreting

Ira Ortigosa Pascual, Basque and Spanish Translator/Interpreter and Basque Language and Culture Tutor, delivers this 'Translation Profession' seminar.
A day in the life of a Project Manager

A day in the life of a Project Manager

Tanya Bain, Project Manager, Comtec Translations, delivers this 'Translation Profession' seminar.
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Past events


6th December - Cultural intertextuality in the French translations of E. Nesbit's 'Five Children and It'

29th November - Getting into literary translation

22nd November - Holocaust poetry as communication, and the role of the translator

15th November - Specialisation or diversification: starting out as a freelance translator in the digital marketplace

8th November - Self-translation and the 'Politics of (In)digestion'. From appropriation to resistance in the stateless literatures of Spain

3rd November - Web-as-Corpus approaches and tools for translators

25th October - English as a Literature in Translation

18th October - Three strategies for success

15th October - Translating contemporary French poetry

12th October - Cognitive transformations: the literary archive

28th June - Grammar lessons and language games: translating Tagore and Wittgenstein on children's education

10th May - Translation Studies Research Forum: Transcultural Reading

26th April - Understanding the translation of children's literature, using stylistics, narrative theory, and parallel corpora

22nd March - Making the most of your language degree: a workshop on freelance translation

3rd March - The challenges facing translators in the 21st Century: glossaries and machine translation

1st March - Don't mind the gap

9th February - Desterrada - the translation and reception of Maria Barbal's Stone in a Landslide

4th February - Interpreting: from the Basque Country to the UK

28th January - Linguistic model or advocacy model? - the different faces of interpreting

26th January - Italian Ink and American Deserts: Influences, Adaptations and Fascist Exploitation of the Italian comics genre in a historical perspective

23rd January - Collaborative translation and self-translation

21st January - Technical translation - machine translation