Facilities - Birmingham Institute of Forest Research

The Institute, which has secured initial funding for ten years, will consist of refurbished laboratories and growth facilities on-campus, along with a large-scale, ground-breaking ‘free-air carbon dioxide enrichment’ (FACE) field facility that will test the resilience of mature forest to a high carbon future and enable globally leading scientists to take measurements from deep within the soil to above the tree canopy. Autonomous sensors and instrumented trees will allow our scientists to take measurements continuously and remotely, over timescales ranging from seconds to decades. 

The facility will enable our ecologists and plant biologists to raise the concentration of CO2 in a specified area, and manipulate temperature, rainfall and nutrient supply in order to measure the response of the woodland as an ecological community to our changing climate. The BIFoR forest FACE facility will work in close collaboration with the few other forest FACE facilities currently in operation, to provide a truly global assessment of the resilience of forests in a changed climate.