Our research covers the east Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Middle East across a wide range of disciplines, historical periods and divergent cultural traditions. We provide a stimulating and supportive research environment for postgraduate study.


The Centre’s world-class publications include the journal Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies and the series Birmingham Modern Greek Translations  and Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Monographs. Most recently the Centre has hosted major international conferences and symposia, such as Imperial Legacies in Cross-Cultural Mediterranean Context in September 2011 (co-organized with the Research Centre for Anatolian Civilizations at Koç University, Istanbul), Re-imagining the Past: Antiquity and Modern Greek Culture in June, 2011, and the 43rd Byzantine Spring Symposium Byzantium behind the Scenes: Power and Subversion in March 2010. The 46th Byzantine Spring Symposium Byzantine Greece: Microcosm of Empire? took place in March 2013 again at the Centre, its original home, where the first Byzantine symposium was held in 1968 by Professor Emeritus Anthony Bryer.

Our staff publish a wide range of books, chapters and journal papers.  For more information on these please see the individuals' staff page.

Doctoral students at the Centre pursue innovative research in a variety of topics in Byzantine studies, Ottoman studies, and Modern Greek studies. Every year in late May the current research students of the Centre organize the annual Postgraduate Research Colloquium of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, where they have the opportunity to present their work and are trained in giving academic presentations. The most recent 12th Annual Colloquium was held in May 2011 on the topic of The Shadow of the Past: Legacy and Heritage from Byzantium to the Modern World.

Students have also initiated large collaborative reseach projects, such as the Syropoulos Project on the translation and study of the key Byzantine account of the Council of Ferrara-Florence (1438-39). Graduate alumni and alumnae of the Centre hold prestigious academic and other professional positions throughout the world and have most recently launched the blog Friends of the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies.

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