Eamon Hamilton

Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies
MA by Research

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Title of thesis: Anthony Eden and the Suez Crisis

Supervisor: Steve Morewood


  • Teacher's Certificate
  • LLB
  • BA East Mediterranean History (Birmingham)


  • Short summary of educational background and work experience.
  • Avery Hill College of Education 1967 - 1970 Maths & Physics
  • Birmingham Polytechnic 1990 - 1995 Night School Law Degree (2.1)
  • University of Birmingham 2008 - 2011 BA in East Mediterranean History (1st)
  • Inland Revenue (now HMRC) 1971 - 2008 - H M Inspector of Taxes
  • Married 1972 - two sons - four grandchildren

Doctoral research

PhD title Anthony Eden and the Suez Crisis
Supervisor Dr Steve Morewood


In 1956 Britain, along with France and Israel invaded Egypt. For Britain and France it was a disaster. How had Eden allowed this to occur? How had he not only allowed but driven Britain to become involved in an adventure, in collusion with France and Israel, that ended so disastrously? An experienced diplomat and negotiator, how did he fail to understand how the Arab world would react. How could he, as the Labour M.P. Denis Howell asked, ' ... think for a moment that when they started to make war on Egypt they could continue to get oil from the Middle East?' He failed to ensure that the United States would support Britain's actions (or, at the very least, not object to them). He failed to consider the ramifications if the military action had succeeded; failed to appreciate the financial pressures that Britain faced and the adverse effect on these that this endeavour would have; failed, despite being a long time proponent of the United Nations and its predecessor, the League of Nations, to obtain United Nations backing and ultimately failed to appreciate that Britain's position in the World had changed. As The Times obituary put it: 'He was the last Prime Minister to believe Britain was a great power and the first to confront a crisis which proved she was not.'Why the standard explanations that (a) he saw Nasser as a Mussolini like dictator and (b) his failing health led to poor decision making, are inadequate to explain his actions.