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beliefs about leadership
Our beliefs about leadership              Our relationship with students and clients             
Leadership  is  PURPOSEFUL  ..so we help ourselves and others understand our unique contributions and commitments 
Leadership is VALUES-BASED  ..so we dig deep to help discover/finesse our personal authority and ethical core 
Leadership is CONTEXTUAL  ..so we celebrate the richness of cultural, gender and ethnic diversity – a global perspective 
Leadership is CHARACTER  ..so we help identify –not just what and who – but where and why we are leading 
Leadership is EXPERIENTIAL  ..so we engage with body, mind and spirit in exploring our leadership potential 
Leadership is CONSEQUENTIAL  ..so we help push boundaries and develop accountability to ourselves, to others, our community and our planet 
Leadership  is SENSE-MAKING  ..so we use the best research ideas to critically evaluate  and problem solve in response to a shifting world 
Leadership is COLLECTIVE  ..so we lead with and through others celebrating together our achievements