Leadership Teaching

Leadership now forms a golden thread through our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching:


“The university stands for things that are forgotten in the heat of battle, for values that get pushed aside in the rough and tumble of everyday living, for the goals we ought to be thinking about and never do, for the facts we don’t like to face, and the questions we lack the courage to ask.”

Students attending a lecture

(1) The Leading Academics Programme for high-potential PhD students was hosted and run by the Birmingham Graduate School and Entrepreneurship and Innovation (29th June and 15th July 2011) with the Vice-Chancellor as one of the speakers. Up to 30 ‘future leaders’ nominated by their supervisors participate in three theory and five guest speaker sessions (Corlett).

(2) A Leadership option was offered for the first time in 2010 to BSc Second Year students (Gibney and Collinge) . This course adopts a working ‘live case’ which involves engaging with key stakeholders around leadership of place.

(3) A new Leadership Development option was offered for the first time in 2011 to BSc Final Year students (Mabey), which builds on the above second year course. This module encourages critical analysis via discourses and introduces students to a range of experiential exercises reflective of progressive leadership development practice.

(4) A new Leadership Development course will be offered for the first time to MSc Human Resource Management students in the Business School (Mabey) in 2012

(5) A Leadership optional module was successfully run for the first time on the MBA programme (2011). This innovative programme incorporates a leadership inventory, one to one coaching, preparing ‘life-stories’ and running a one-day leadership experience for a group of Birmingham Princes Trust adolescents (Mabey)

(6) Public Management and Leadership (Briggs) and Commissioning (Glasby and Briggs) on the newly launched MBA (Public Service) 

(7) Critical discourse analysis of leadership development forms the basis of the DBA’s final taught module in the Business school (Mabey)

(8) Public Health Management II (Leadership Input) BNurs : Leadership input to Transition to Professional Practice Module-yr 3 (A.Hewison)