CLUB members have secured research funding in the College of Social Sciences totalling nearly £1.6m over the last three years. Recent examples of successful funding include:  

International discussion

Knowledge leadership in big science research networks, ESRC Standard Grant, Chris Mabey and Max Boisot, £353,000

Effective Board Governance of Safe Care, SDO, Russell Mannion and Tim Freeman (HSMC), value £374,278 

Developing Leadership Action Learning Sets for Care Home Managers to Enhance the coordination and delivery of end-of-life care: An Action Research Study.
(Alistair Hewison, Badger F. & Swani T)  Funded by NHS West Midlands value £41,646

Chris Rhodes received a research grant of £3,000 from the British Educational Management, Leadership and Administration Society (BELMAS) to do research on Academy Schools and was involved in a £19,000 grant from the World Bank to evaluate the new curriculum in Turkey. 

Parsons, S., Kay Fuller, Macnab, N. and Thomas, H. were responsible for the Leaders and Leadership strand of the Birmingham City Council project to Evaluate Extended Services Provision (£120,000)

R.Mannion and Tim Freeman Boards have won £450K from NIHR SDO  to research: Boards and the governance of patient safety, £450k, Oct 2011- Oct 2014.