When I was presented with proposition of working with CREME, at first I was highly sceptical; after all, it can be patronising to hear academics give you theoretical advice on practical problems. However, Professor Monder Ram and Professor Kiran Trehan allayed this fear and many others when the importance of entrepreneur collaboration and networking within the framework was explained.

CREME is a fantastic source of knowledge and understanding amongst ethnic minority businesses. In essence, the foundation and catalyst of successful ethnic minority businesses is working with similar sized and minded organisations. CREME offers a great platform for this as well as the knowledge of key academics in the field." Wade Lyn - Director, Cleone Foods Ltd & member of 12/8 Group


ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is committed to promoting ethnic minority entrepreneurship, recognising the significant contribution these businesses already make to the UK economy.

Research has repeatedly shown that ethnic minority owned businesses require tailored business support and as such, ACCA has relied strongly on CREME’s expertise, active research programme as well as practical engagement with the Centre, to effectively address the sector’s needs. As the Government is reviewing and radically streamlining its business support offering, the work of CREME is only becoming more and more relevant to policy makers, as well as organisations such as ACCA." Professor Robin Jarvis - Head of SME Affairs, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants


Our experience to date with CREME can be only described as positive. CREME despite its excellent academic credentials is steeped in real world business which is quite unique in the academic world. Their ability to bring in partners such as Barclays and connect them with organisations such as BCABA brings real world finance to Asian SME’s.

CREME’s par excellence research into ethnic minority business endorses their growing reputation in the business support arena." Ninder Johal - Chair, Black Country Asian Business Association


CREME has provided the Equality & Human Rights Commission with expertise and research on Supplier Diversity and ethnic minority businesses. Working in partnership with CREME on a number of different projects has strengthened the Commission’s credibility and influence in promoting Supplier Diversity. Due to their long history of work on Supplier Diversity, CREME is widely regarded as an expert on this issue and the Commission benefits from our close working with them."  Alice Teague - Policy Head Strategy Directorate, Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)


CREME is not merely a research facility. Unlike other institutions, the team at CREME roll up their sleeves to practically apply their knowledge and expertise to enable minority-led businesses to grow and succeed – a virtue most welcomed by entrepreneurs and the communities that they serve.

Their fresh business thinking has facilitated FYSHnet’s early growth and development to make it recognised as an innovative business-led network that challenges existing business support models presently in existence – an accolade that we thank CREME for. We hope to continue this close working relationship with CREME for the betterment of FYSHnet and the wider Bangladeshi business community. Shihab Hossain - Chairman, FYSHnet

hfiThe Herbert Felix Institute is based in Sweden. When we started our organization we recognized the deficit of research in ethnic minority entrepreneurship in Sweden.

We found that Professor Monder Ram and his colleagues at CREME were a useful resource to transfer experiences from the UK to our country.Through working together with CREME, the Herbert Felix Institute has been inspired to ask the question “how can we increase and improve the support to ethnic minority entrepreneurs in Sweden?” CREME`s annual Ethnic Minority Business Conference has also inspired us to arrange the same in Sweden.

Like CREME, our organisation wants to make a difference. To make progress the research must be focussed in a more practical way rather than just highly academic. CREME’s work has provided us with a model of this kind of research. Ingemar Jeppsson - Director, Herbert Felix Institute

IRiS logoIRiS works closely with staff at CREME to look at the implications and opportunities of superdiversity for business and enterprise and to examine the ways in which entrepreneurial superdiverse communities can be supported to establish new businesses.”

Professor Jenny Phillimore, Director, Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS)

sdeCREME has helped develop a unique and extremely useful Benchmark on supplier diversity they play an instrumental role in the European Supplier Diversity Forum.

Both of these initiatives are key components of our work.CREME’s distinctiveness is in its excellent staff and commitment to the issues surrounding supplier diversity. CREME takes an even-handed approach to these issues and is always engaged in new projects which push the boundaries of supplier diversity. Beth Ginsberg - Project Manager, Supplier Diversity Europe