Future plans 

What next for Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology?

The key to understanding the integrative physiology and regulatory mechanisms of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is to link mechanical, thermal and other sensory afferent signals to the autonomic nervous system output and end organ response. With the recent acquisition of equipment to measure sympathetic nerve activity, we are one of very few labs with this capability.

Current ongoing projects that will benefit include: muscle afferents and baroreflex function in health and disease, microvascular and venous function in obesity and training, hypoxia, chemosensitivity and cognitive function, and development of diagnostic testing for coronary artery disease.

In prospect are projects on shear stress and vascular adaptations, brain imaging in relation to respiratory function, sympathetic neural activity interactions with gender, cardiorespiratory function in chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and peripheral arterial disease.