Birmingham Platelet Group

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Group leaders: Dr Alexander Brill, Dr Paul Harrison, Dr Neil Morgan, Prof Yotis Senis, Dr Steve Thomas and Prof Steve Watson


The Birmingham Platelet Group adopts a multidisciplinary approach in the investigation of platelet and megakaryocyte biology, which ranges from cell biology, signal transduction and functional studies through to the use of mouse models and studies on patients.

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Current Projects

  • Cell surface receptors and their signalling pathways, including ITAM and ITIM receptors, Src and Syk tyrosine kinases, and protein-tyrosine phosphatases
  • The genetics of platelet bleeding disorders
  • Megakaryocytopoiesis and platelet formation
  • Models of venous and arterial thrombosis
  • Animal models of cardiovascular diseases
  • Actin polymerisation and advanced microscopy
  • Platelet function testing
  • Granule biogenesis and secretion
  • Role of platelets in development and inflammatory processes
  • Extracellular vesicles
  • Platelet procoagulant activity

Recent Publications

For full publications lists see:


Principal Investigators
Alexander Brill
Paul Harrison
Alexandra Mazharian
Neil Morgan
Yotis Senis
Steve Thomas
Steve Watson
Jun Mori
Natalie Poulter

Postdoctoral researchers
Sarah Jane Fletcher
Julie Rayes
Marie-Blanche Onselaer
Timo Voegtle
Tatyana Ponomaryov
Zoltan Nagy
Malou Zuidscherwoude
Zaher Raslan
Elisabeth Haining


PhD/MD Students

Miss Chiara Pallini
Mr Mitchell Geer
Mr Christopher Smith
Mr Ben Johnson
Miss Samantha Montague
Miss Stephanie Lombard
Mr Alexander Hardy
Miss Annabel Maclachlan
Dr Pip Nicolson
Miss Holly Payne
Mr Abhi Chauhan
Mr Rashid Al Ghaithi
Mr Robert Dinsdale
Mr Osama Alshehri
Dr Jane Fütterer
Dr Dannie Seddon
Mr Abdullah Khan

Research Associate

Miss Sian Lax

Research Technicians
Dr Silke Heising
Miss Stephanie Watson
Miss Beata Grygielska
Miss Giada Di Nunzio
Miss Ying Di
Miss Pushpa Patel

Research Administrator
Mrs Gayle Halford

Close ties with other Principal Investigators on platelet related projects
Professor Roy Bicknell - Professor of Functional Genomics
Dr Andrew Blann - Non-clinical Senior Lecturer
Dr Neena Kalia - Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Sciences
Professor Gregory Y H Lip - Consultant Cardiologist & Prof of Cardiovascular Medicine
Dr Melanie Madhani - Lecturer in Cardiovascular Medicine
Professor Gerard Nash - Professor of Cardiovascular Rheology
Dr Ed Rainger - Reader in Chronic Inflammation
Dr Michael Tomlinson - British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellow
Dr Jonathan Wilde - Consultant in Haemostasis and Thrombosis / Hon Senior Lecturer
Dr Mike Williams - Consultant Paediatric Haematologist/Honorary Lecturer