Cell signalling and trafficking

Human fertility research - human Cumulus Oophorus stained for Endothelial NOSAs part of our cell signalling and trafficking research, staff explore the following areas:

  • Exploitation of differentiation and apoptosis patways in the development of therapies for haematological malignancies (Dr Chris Bunce)
  • The role of phosphoinositides in cell regulation (Dr Steve Dove)
  • Targets and mechanisms involved in the self-incompatibility response in Papaver rhoeas pollen (Professor Noni Franklin-Tong)
  • Papaver rhoeas (Poppy) and beeGrowth factors, receptors and human disease (Professor John Heath)
  • Rho GTPases, cell adhesion, epithelial cells (Dr Neil Hotchin)
  • Calcium: signalling, homeostasis, ATPase; IP3 and ryanodine receptors (Dr Frank Michelangeli)
  • Signal transduction and regulation of activity in human sperm. Human fertility (Dr Steve Publicover)
  • The role of vesicle trafficking during cell motility (Dr Joshua Rappoport)
  • Structure/function studies on mammalian and plant dehydrogenases (Dr Jon Ride)
  • Soller Post-transcriptionally controlled gene networks in neuronal development and function (Dr Matthias Soller)
  • Regulation of platelet and endothelial cell surface receptors by tetraspanin microdomains (Dr Michael Tomlinson)
  • The structure and function G-protein-coupled receptors with peptide ligands (Professor Mark Wheatley)