Molecular and cell biology

Molecular and cell biologyMolecular and cell biology (MCB) research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms' underlying cellular processes within a variety of physiological contexts in a range of eukaryotic organisms. 

Research in the theme is divided into number of core areas; cell signalling and trafficking; neurobiology; eukaryotic gene expression and development molecular structures; genetics, plant development and cell biology, systems biology of eukaryotes and toxicology. These areas are strongly interrelated and many research projects bridge between these subdivisions.

Collectively, members of the MCB theme possess expertise in a broad spectrum of techniques. This facilitates the development of multi-disciplinary approaches to studying of the molecular basis of complex cellular phenomena. In addition, there are well-established MCB collaborations with other research themes, across the University campus including the Medical School and with leading academic and industrial laboratories in the UK and overseas.

The theme's research is underpinned by state of the art technology including advanced microscopy, genomics and new generation sequencing plus a wide range of cutting-edge biophysical techniques including mass spectrometry, FT-IR, CD, LD, NMR and analytical ultracentrifugation.


Eukaryotic organisms

Organisms whose cells contain complex structures enclosed within membranes