About us

The Centre for the Study of the Middle Ages (CeSMA) facilitates academic research into the Middle Ages, from c.300 to c.1500 AD, which cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries and unites historians, archaeologists, literary scholars, linguists, and other scholars and students who study medieval societies and cultures.

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The Centre is a focus for conferences and other national and international research events. It co-ordinates research projects which involve collaboration between members of the Centre and with other UK and international partners.

CeSMA holds an annual public lecture. The inaugural CeSMA lecture was given by Professor Miri Rubin. Other speakers have included  Professor James Graham Campbell,  Professor Martin Carver and Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith.

CeSMA supports an interdisciplinary research seminar series throughout the academic year. Information about the Centre’s activity is provided via our website and mailing list. To be added to this mailing list, please contact Dr Victoria Flood.

CeSMA works with a number of different Centres and Departments, both within the University of Birmingham and further afield, making it a unique and ideal location to study this period. Its scholars come from several academic units within the University of Birmingham including:

Some of the Centres and Departments that CeSMA regularly works with include: