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Research in this area underpins the creation, development and improvement of many industrially important products.

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Coupled DEM/CFD simulations of the escape of entrapped air when particulate materials flow into a confined space.

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Academic Research Keywords
Prof Mike Adams  
Dr Bushra Al-Duri
Prof Mostafa Barigou Foams, emulsions, suspensions, rheology, mixing, computational fluid dynamics
Prof Stuart Blackburn  
Dr Richard Greenwood
Dr Andy Ingram Granulation, granular flow, PEPT, polymer processing, powder technology, life cycle analysis
Dr Gary Leeke Supercritical fluid particle technology
Prof Andrzej Pacek  Nano-fluids, de-agglomeration of nano-particle, multiphase reactors, liquids interactions
Dr Philip Robbins Process understanding / system modelling, heat and mass transfer, fouling and cleaning, high-shear blending
Dr Neil Rowson Functional Minerals, mineral separation, environmental engineering
Dr Regina Santos
Dr Mark Simmons Jetting and coating flows, processing of multiphase liquids, catalyst structuring, flow visualisation and mixing
Prof Zhibing Zhang