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Dr Raju Jannapureddy (India)
Raju was born in India and obtained his PhD from the University of Hyderabad, India in 2008. He then started his postdoctoral research in August 2008 at the National Taiwan Normal University before moving onto the Kyoto Pharmaceutical University as a JSPS fellow. In January 2013, he joined the Davies Group as a Marie Curie fellow. Outside the lab Raju likes jogging, watching movies and spending time with his family and friends.

PhD Students:


Matthew Ball (UK)
Matt completed an MChem degree at the University of Reading, and graduated at the top of the year group. His final year project, with supervisor Dr Andy Russell, involved the synthesis of substituted phenols and the analysis of their ability to undergo a meta photocycloaddition reaction. In his spare time, Matt enjoys playing the piano, and cooking.


Onyeka Obumselu (Nigeria)
Onyeka joined the group in April 2013. He obtained his Bachelors degree at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He also completed his Masters degree in Organic Chemistry from the same university in 2010. Onyeka enjoys short races and listening to music.


Miguel Garzón Sanz (Spain)
Miguel was born in Madrid (Spain). He studied Chemistry in the University Complutense of Madrid where he undertook his final year project under the supervision of Prof. Maria Josefa Ortiz Garcia on the design and synthesis of new fluorescent dyes (BODIPY) with optical and biomedical applications. In his spare time Miguel enjoys playing squash and reading.


Joshua Priest (UK)
Josh did his MChem at Loughborough University. His major research project, under the supervision of Dr Marc Kimber, concerned the asymmetric synthesis of γ-butyrolactones. For this work Josh was awarded 1st prize at the Midlands SCI undergraduate conference and the Loughborough MChem prize. Outside of the lab Josh plays the guitar and generally beats the rest of the group at pool.


Elli Chatzopoulou (Greece)
Elli joined the group in September 2011. She studied for her bachelor degree at the University of Athens where she graduated at the top of the year. This included an undergraduate project in sugar chemistry.  During her spare time, Elli loves latin dancing and cooking.

Andy-(98x122)Andrew Gillie (UK)

Andy completed his MSci at the University of Birmingham in 2011 where he undertook his final year project under the supervision of Prof. Mike Hannon on the synthesis of rhenium complexes for use as luminescent probes for steroid receptors. Upon graduating Andy received the Alfred Bader prize for the best student going on to undertake research in organic chemistry. Andy enjoys running and plays with a local brass band.


Matthew Barrett (UK)
Matt is undertaking a joint project between the Davies and Grainger groups at the University of Birmingham. He completed his Master of Chemistry degree in 2011 at the University of Southampton which included a 6 month 4th year placement at Key Organics in Cornwall carrying out synthetic organic chemistry. In his spare time Matt really enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking as well as caving and loves to explore new places.


Holly Adcock (UK)
Holly read for her MSci degree at the University of Birmingham; between her third and fourth year she completed a summer project with Dr. Richard Grainger with whom she also completed her MSci research project on sulfenic acids for oxathiane synthesis. She received the Alfred Bader prize for work in organic chemistry on graduation. After travelling she decided to return to Birmingham to begin a PhD in the Davies group in December 2010 and is really enjoying the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people. Outside of university Holly enjoys climbing and watching live music.


Michel-Franck Boissonnet (France)
Michel-Franck was born in Valence (France) in 1986. He obtained his Masters degree in organic chemistry at the University of Grenoble in 2010, with a thesis on photo-oxidation using diruthenium complexes, under the supervision of Dr. Olivier Hamelin. He then joined the Davies group as a PhD student exploring weak interactions in catalysis in a joint project with Dr Jim Tucker. Michel is a keen Didgeridoo performer who in his spare time likes mountains and enjoys arts.

MSc Student:


Fatima Khan (UK)
Fatima completed a BSc in Chemistry at the University of Birmingham where she undertook a final year literature project with Paul analysing the contribution to chemistry of Prof. RB Woodward. She is currently undertaking a joint MSc project with the Davies and Grainger groups investigating gold catalysed reactions of alkynylsulfoxides. She enjoys painting, baking, carpentry and the company of cats.

MSci Students:


Matthew Gray (UK)
Matt is currently enrolled on the Chemistry with industrial experience MSci course, he spent his 3rd year of university on an industrial placement at AstraZeneca Macclesfield in the Analytical Sciences department. During this time he conducted a research project into preparative scale liquid chromatography as a means of isolation for low level organic impurites before identifying them by NMR. In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, attending live music events, watching films and sports. He also cares for an aquascape and is currently trying to learn Swedish.


Kim Koell-Keith (France)
Kim was born in Strasbourg (France) in 1990 and moved to the Dominican Republic in 2003. She started her MSci in Chemistry in 2010 at the University of Birmingham where she is now undertaking her final year. In 2012 she went on exchange to the University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia) where she took part in a research project on first row transition metal–ligand complexes and their catalytic efficiencies. Kim enjoys reading, meeting up with friends and loves travelling.


Matthew Crane (UK)
Matt is a fourth year undergraduate Masters student investigating the applications of gold catalysis in natural product synthesis. He spent his third year on an industrial placement at GlaxoSmithKline, within the Compound Arrays Team.

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